Double Bass Lessons in West Oxford

Experienced, qualified music teacher offers double bass lessons in West Oxford.

All ages, beginners, & returners taught, & an 1/8th size bass available to hire. 

Teacher of classical double bass at Rye St Antony School since 1981 & at Headington Prep School 1996-2016.

Registered Teacher of Stringbabies®, cellobabies®, and Stringbabies® double bass lessons.

Holistic approach: ABRSM exams prepared for when appropriate. Grade 5 Theory of Music also offered.

Play bass standing - it's better for your back - & learn to use the French bow.

Learn classical basics and then you could diversify into folk or jazz!

Fiona Hedges A.R.C.M., P.G.C.E., M.A., F.I.S.M.