Hire the Cotswold Ensemble for themed Weddings and Parties

Our string quartet enjoys creating themed sets for special events!

The Cotswold Ensemble enjoys playing themed sets of music for special events. We've already got these in hand: Irish music, Scottish music, Italian music, music associated with the Thames, Chopin, Roses, Jewish wedding, Norwegian music, Eastern Europe folk & classical, opera, musicals, films, waltzes, classical dances, ballet, the WW1 generation, the twenties & thirties, WW2, decade by decade, Baroque only, historic dances, music for 50th/60th/70th/80th/90th birthday parties.

For details of our Tango String Quartet see our main web-site.

The Cotswold Ensemble has experienced, classically-trained & qualified players, based in Oxford, the Cotswolds & surrounding counties, and we are happy to travel further afield.

The Cotswold Ensemble at Lincoln College, Oxford