Publications by Fiona Hedges

          Publications by Fiona Hedges

         From Fentone Fentone (De Haske)

Twos or Threes For Cellos:

16 well-known folk songs arranged for two or three cellists by a cellist.

Tunes in first position, no extensions. Second parts in first position, a few extensions. Simple third parts can be "notated"  off-stave for beginners. Play with parts 1, 1+2, 1+3, or 1+2+3. All three parts on one score.

Versatile: Arranged in mini-suites. Easily adapted for ensemble work or busking. All tunes in viola range. Third parts mostly also possible for beginner double bassists.

On the 2012-2014 and 2015-2018 syllabus list for the Royal Irish Academy of Music. 

         From Westfield Music:

                    e-mail or 01482 860580. Orders usually by return of post.

More Twos or Threes for Cellos

16 tunes. Same concept as above, but with a little use of fourth position in a few places.

Christmas Twos or Threes for Cellos

THE ORIGINAL VERSION: 16 traditional Christmas carols arranged in mini-suites for two or three cellos. Learn-able by Grade 2-3 cellists, with many parts suitable for Grades 1-2.

VIOLA VERSION (ALTO CLEF) - the original cello book transposed up an octave.

TWO CELLOS & VIOLA - the original cello book with the tune parts in alto clef (All tunes but one at original cello pitch).

TROMBONE VERSION (BASS CLEF) - the cello original book  tweaked and transposed where necessary to avoid 7th position (one exception), to omit double stops (no exceptions!) & to narrow the range. 

VIOLIN + VIOLA + CELLO  MEDLEY - the original arrangements in the original keys, mostly the same order, with some octave transpositions, a few tweaks, and a couple of rounds, all linked to enable a non-stop performance of about 20 minutes duration. Works well with string quartet, violins sharing but violin 1 doing the repeats 8va.

VIOLIN + CELLO MEDLEY - the same medley, but with more octave transpositions.

European folk tunes: Keys to Keyboard Harmony

A multi-purpose collection of 236 European folk tunes, covering all major and minor keys. Indexed for harmonisation, for cadences, for harmonic and melodic devices and for cello thumb position practice. Ideal for sight-reading and learning to play in all keys. Available in treble clef, bass clef and tenor clef versions.

Nicholas Topley's Dance Tune Book of 1796 &  Nicholas Topley's Dance Tune Book of 1848

Two collections of violin dance tunes compiled by Nicholas Topley, transcribed from his original note books. Also available transposed for viola (down a 5th) and for cello (down a 12th). Fun to play.

A Scale and Arpeggio Workbook for Cellists

A different approach to scales and arpeggios! All cellists need to learn them and to understand their theory, but traditional methods don't work for all. This workbook explains the theory succinctly and has the cellist write down the note names before learning the scales and arpeggios in groups according to printed finger pattern. The focus is on note names and playing quality, rather than reading staff-notation. Following the Associated Board's grade order of scales and arpeggios, 'old' scales and arpeggios are revised as the student goes up through the grades. Could be used independently by teens and students.

A Scale and Arpeggio Workbook for Pianists

Succinctly presented relevant theory with piano scales and arpeggios presented in finger-pattern order. Large fingering charts, and minimal staff notation. Use a set of highlighter pens to correlate hands-together patterns.